Happy Thanksgiving …

… to all our friends in North America!

Thanda’s Wildlife Activities

Kiwi Collection recently published an excellent article on Thanda’s Wildlife Activities. Have a look! http://www.kiwicollection.com/blog/trip-tips-wildlife-activities-at-thanda-private-game-reserve/30889  

Mamas on the way …

Many guests enjoy learning about the Zulu culture and the Zulu people while they are staying at Thanda. They can visit a local Zulu homestead and experience how modern Zulus live in rural… Continue reading

A new resident :-)

A few days ago a Crocodile moved onto Thanda and made its home at one of the waterholes on the reserve. After reports that a Crocodile was seen outside the Thanda fence on… Continue reading

Black and White – African Style!

Today’s – rather quite – evening game drive ended with a very special crescendo. Within a few hundred meters/yards of one another we spotted a Black Rhino mum with her calf and a… Continue reading

Watch her!

It is not easy to get prey and predator into the same picture, unless on occasions when one is eating the other :-). But on this evening a Thanda North Pride Lioness was resting on a… Continue reading

What a feeling!

It is one of the most amazing feelings when a Lioness’ path is going straight towards a game viewing vehicle. On this occasion the Thanda guest were able to observe this female striding through… Continue reading

As tall as a tree!

As part of our series on sharing interesting facts about our wildlife this week’s ‘Weird & Wonderful Animal Fact’ is on the Giraffe: Giraffes have an extremely high blood pressure (280/180 mm Hg)… Continue reading

Thanda November Specials

With the progression of spring into summer, the non-breeding bird migrants start to arrive from distant climes which makes for prime birdwatching. It’s also the start of the short summer rains which brings… Continue reading

Zulu for Guests :-)

Our guests enjoy getting to know our staff along with their Zulu culture during their stay with us just as much as spotting the wildlife! We are regularly being asked for the Zulu… Continue reading