Monthly Archive: November, 2012


I do not often post two pictures of the same series (bush photo shoot :-)), but after looking through all my images from that afternoon I really liked this picture of a Lion… Continue reading

Not only mammals …

On my photography drive last night I did not only spot the Lions, Zebras and Impalas I also took pictures of a few birds. Here are three of the images: A Cattle Egret… Continue reading

Young Predator – Young Prey!

My next guests are arriving tomorrow afternoon, so I had a day to do some photography work by myself. Just me, my cameras and my Land Rover. My goal for the day was… Continue reading

Oxpecker Bliss!

This Buffalo cow enjoyed her “tick cleaning treatment” given by the Red-billed Oxpeckers. The small birds live in a symbiotic relationship with the large ruminants. The Buffalo provide the ticks and the Oxpeckers… Continue reading

Cheetah calling!

This male Cheetah was vocalizing to call his brother. If you want to hear what it sounds go to Have a good week!  

Mother and Daughter!

This White Rhino mum and her daughter were grazing in between a herd of Impala after a recent mud bath. They came very close to our vehicle which did not bother them at… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA (and any other country that celebrates this holiday). I hope all of you have a great day. The closest I could find to a… Continue reading

Crossing the Savanna

Thanda’s breeding herd of Elephant was crossing the savanna to get to a waterhole to drink and bath. These are a few black and white images I took at this beautiful sighting.  

Summer time = Baby time :-)

A lot of animals have their babies arrive early in the rainy season (summer). This picture is of a small Zebra foal that was born in the last few days. We also have… Continue reading

Jump off the treadmill!

I did it already 🙂   –  Watch this video produced by a Swedish travel company for a “ranger for a while” competition on Thanda. Truman Ndlovu, Head Guide at Thanda Private Game… Continue reading