Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Leopard Week at Thanda

It is hard to believe but I had four great Leopard sightings in one week. That is more than in the six month since I started working at Thanda. Today’s sighting was especially… Continue reading

One of the Five!

Well, I had planned not to publish a “Big Five” picture for ten posts. But tonight’s Leopard sighting changed my mind. On the way back to the lodge we had a very special… Continue reading

Without the Five (3) – Black on White or White on Black?

White stripes on black background or black stripes on white background? It was previously believed that Zebras were white animals with black stripes, since some Zebras have white underbellies. Embryological evidence, however, shows… Continue reading

Without the Five (2) – Common Beauty!

Today’s image is a portrait of an Impala ram. Impalas are the most common antelopes on Thanda. They have a special dental arrangement on the front lower jaw similar to a tooth-comb which is used… Continue reading

Without the Five (1) – Head Salad!

For the next ten posts I have planned a special series of pictures. Each image will feature a species, which is usually not in the safari limelight. So they will be no images of Lions,… Continue reading


While I was filing images which I have taken over the last few weeks I came across this picture of an Elephant Bull fight. I remember that we were quite close to these… Continue reading


I have uploaded new header images for my blog page. They will be displayed randomly. Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, White Rhino, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Cheetah, Cape Hunting Dog, Spotted Hyena, Black-backed Jackal, South… Continue reading

Spotting Spotted Hyena!

It does not happen often that we see Spotted Hyena at daylight. So my guests were very happy to see this Hyena just after sunrise on the Thanda savanna. PS: I will not… Continue reading

“Night Drives”

As a photographer I am usually not too keen on early evening “night” drives. Usually there is little to be seen, but the occasional eyes of a Bush baby. But on this particular evening we… Continue reading

Shaken by Elephants!

This young Elephant bull was testing the strength of my Land Rover and of Bheki’s tracker seat. After a slight shake to the car he decided that this was a “strong thing” and he… Continue reading