Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Two orbs and an eye!

Today’s images are a bit more “artsy” than my usual wildlife images. The first is of an Golden Orb Spider on a branch. The second is of an Golden Orb Spider at sunrise.… Continue reading

Lost the Herd?

Today’s Thanda morning and afternoon game drives were amazing. We sat for almost an hour in between a herd of Elephants while they were feeding, playing and sparring around the vehicle. We watched… Continue reading

Thanda Summer!

This large Elephant bull enjoys the cool water on a hot summer day.

A New Cheetah!

Today was a great day for the Thanda Cheetah population. They were joined by a new female which was released onto the reserve.  The three year old cat was born at Mountain Zebra… Continue reading

A summer evening with rare guests!

When we were looking for Rhinos in the South of Thanda Private Game Reserve we came across some very rare guests. A few Woodland Kingfisher were displaying to one another in the Fever… Continue reading

Lions only!

This morning’s game drive was amazing. We left the Lodge with the intention to track a herd of Buffalo. But on the way out  we decided to have another quick look at our… Continue reading

From Europe to Africa

Today’s picture is an image of a European Roller, one of my favorite “Summer-Birds” in South Africa. About European Rollers: The European Roller (Coracias garrulus) is the only member of the roller family… Continue reading

What a morning :-)

When it has rained as much as it did the last few days we cannot drive off-road for quite a while. So game viewing becomes rather more difficult, especially when looking for carnivores.… Continue reading

Bark Spider

When I was going through some if my pictures from the last two weeks I found this image of a Bark Spider, which I liked a lot. Have a good Sunday! About Bark… Continue reading

Scorpions, Lions … and more rain!

Heavy rains and thunderstorms – again! This year is starting as wet as the last one has ended. In the morning we showed our guests a Scorpion (in the few hours without rain). This… Continue reading