Monthly Archive: February, 2013

A good scratch!

If you think that only members of the human race make funny faces when attending to a little itch then have a look at our dominant male Lion. He was scratching his left front… Continue reading

Shade with a View!

This male Giraffe was looking for a shady spot in the middle of the day. A Marula Tree on top of one of Thanda’s hill was just the right place. And with a… Continue reading

Rare Hare!

It may sound funny, but to take a good picture of a Scrub Hare in the wild is more challenging than to photograph a lion. Scrub Hares are quite common around Thanda, but it is… Continue reading

Lion Twilight!

The sun was just setting when we found some of our South Pride Lions playing in a tree on top of a ridge. The Thanda guest on game drive enjoyed this most beautiful sighting until… Continue reading

Do you like mud?

This little Cape Buffalo calf obviously does. Mud baths are used by many mammals to help them to cool down in Summer, protect them from the sun and deter insects from being too… Continue reading

A good cleaning!

Mother and son in a lengthy morning cleaning session.  Lions are the only gregarious cats. They really enjoy being close to each other 🙂 These two Lions are part of the Thanda South Pride.

Whose Eyes?

Some of you may have seen my EYES series images. I enjoy creating these pictures by removing the colors from all parts of the image except from the eyes. Over the next few… Continue reading

Summer or Winter?

In the last few month quite a few people have asked me about the difference between Summer (Rainy Season) and Winter (Dry Season) at Thanda. And most often the question was: When is… Continue reading

Mating sounds!

How about waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the sounds of mating Lions nearby? When we met some of our guests for morning game drive they claimed that they… Continue reading


This little Elephant tried to capture the smells from our vehicle when we were watching it and its mum crossing the road in front of us. Have a good weekend!