Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Prickly Pear

This youngster of Thanda’s herd of Elephant was trying to use his trunk to get a fruit of the Prickly Pear, but he did not succeed. We watched the little one for quite… Continue reading

Down the Road!

When we left the Thanda Lodge this evening we spotted this Leopard walking down the road. What a start to a game drive! PS: I will never again complain about my Leopard sightings… Continue reading

Always carry …

… not a gun, but a point and shoot camera. This young female Leopard was standing in the road when I drove towards the Thanda Royal Private Villa. She was curious and waited… Continue reading

Welcome home!

The Thanda guests on today’s evening game drive were a bit intimidated and very impressed, but really loved the encounter with one of our two 40-45 year old Elephant bulls. He gave me… Continue reading


This Lion cub was concentrating hard on the “toy-stick”. He got so upset with the branch that he even used his claws! Have a good weekend and relax ๐Ÿ™‚

Unusual Sightings

On the last day of our work cycle we had some unusual sightings. The Thanda guests on today’s morning game drive enjoyed a Spotted Hyena crossing the savanna in full daylight (a very… Continue reading

Not your best day!

Imagine you are a Lion! You are feeding on a Zebra kill and you had already a lot to eat. So it is a bit hard to move with your full belly.ย And just… Continue reading

Heart Rate!

It is always an unexpected thrill when Lions pass within hands reach of the vehicle. All nine Lions of the Thanda North Pride were walking along the northern fence line when we had… Continue reading

Cheetah kill

This was the first time that I saw our two male Cheetahs on a kill. They often hunt in very thick areas and only appear once they are well fed, far away from… Continue reading

Keen and not willing!

Well, this Thanda Cape Buffalo bull was very keen to mate with one of the cows. But she not was not very willing to oblige ๐Ÿ™‚ He chased her all over the place,… Continue reading