Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Morning Sun!

This images shows the Thanda’s dominant male Lion enjoying the morning sunlight as the Thanda guest enjoyed watching him! What a start for a great day!

Winter Rain!

This afternoon we had some winter rain. Despite the unusual wet weather for this season the Thanda guests enjoyed great game drives with Elephant bulls, a herd of Buffalo and this young Giraffe… Continue reading

Center Focus!

We were the center of focus for this young male Lion when we watched him and his family feeding on a Wildebeest kill. The Thanda guests on my vehicle enjoyed the attention!

Across a valley!

This morning we spotted Thanda’s herd of Elephants in a remote area of the reserve. We watched from top of a hill as they fadedĀ in and out of the trees. After the herd… Continue reading

Close up and personal!

Thanda guests often have fabulous Lion sightings. This morning the North Pride was resting on the savanna before continuing their walk to a near waterhole. They came close up and personal to one… Continue reading