Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Disappearing into the Sunset

One of Thanda’s oldest Elephant bulls walked quietly towards the sunset. Before he disappeared in the bush he provided the Thanda guests a very close encounter with a gentle giant.  

Nature at Work

Observing “nature at work” can be difficult at times. Last nights Lion sighting showed that human sentiments do not apply to animals. We observed a Lioness, which had killed a Blue Wildebeest, first… Continue reading

Rambo and I!

Besides game drives Thanda guests are offered many additional activities. The most popular is the Elephant Interaction on a neighboring property. The first image shows me with Rambo, the 4 ton bull who… Continue reading

Mummy, get him!

Imagine you are a Baby Elephant … “Well, today is a very windy and cold morning. We were all were pretty thirsty and moving towards a waterhole … … when grandma spotted a… Continue reading

Following the herd!

Being close to wild animals has its thrill. But sometimes the best sightings are observing animals from a distance. The Thanda guests on game drive were fascinated to see one of Thanda’s largest… Continue reading

Enjoying the morning sun!

Thanda guests and Thanda Lions are enjoying the morning sun together! Seeing these magnificent creatures makes a great start for the day.

They are well!

We saw the Thanda Cheetah mum today with her two cubs. Both of the cubs have grown a lot and are looking very healthy – they look like real Cheetah now 🙂 –… Continue reading