Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our Thanda friends in the new world!

Welcome back!

We had not seen the Thanda Cheetah female and her cubs for quite a while. So it was exciting moment for the Thanda guests, the tracker and the guide when the Thanda Wildlife… Continue reading

Strange scent!

Some of Thanda’s Cape Buffalo came for their evening drink to a waterhole. And while they were drinking and mud-bathing some of them picked up a scent they did not like. Many heads… Continue reading

Thanda Game Drive Impressions

This a short Thanda Video Slide Show with some of my favorite images taken at game drives with guests at Thanda Private Game Reserve – enjoy them! Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide… Continue reading

Want a ride, my dear!

Well, it is Dung Beetle season. In this warm and humid weather these insects are getting very active. This makes for a great “small” sighting during a game drive. The males of this… Continue reading

In the middle of the night!

Many animals are very active at night – these are some images taken with a camera trap near a small waterhole on Thanda. All these images where taken in the middle of the… Continue reading

Don’t leave me behind!

The Thanda breeding herd of Elephants picked up the scent of a Hyena, which had walked up the road before they came out of the forest to walk towards a waterhole. As usual… Continue reading

Zulu People and Zulu Culture (2)

A visit to a Zulu homestead in the rural areas of Zululand can give a great insight into the life of modern Zulu people living within their traditions. The picture above was taken… Continue reading

Delay – no problem!

In a five-star lodge service delays are not acceptable. So normally the game drives start just in time! But the rules change when the Thanda Elephants get involved. Today a few of Thanda… Continue reading

Growing fast!

The Thanda North Pride cubs are growing fast. But they are still very playful and provide a great “show” if they are in the mood. Thanda guests enjoy sightings with these youngsters very… Continue reading