Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Walk to water …

Imagine you are a two month old Thanda Baby Elephant … “A hot day today. Mum is walking very fast. Grandma wants to find water. So we walk and walk and walk. I… Continue reading

It is evidence!

This is not the greatest shot of Rhinos I ever took, but it is evidence of a baby Black Rhino on Thanda. Black Rhinos are very shy and they are usually not hanging… Continue reading


Photographers need a bit of luck to get good images. And sometimes some extra luck results in an exceptional pictures. I was taking a picture of this young Zebra foal when a Red-billed… Continue reading

CF100 :-)

I would rate this image of Thanda’s youngest Elephant with “Cuteness Factor 100”. To the delight of all Thanda guests he and his family came for a drink stop at the small pond… Continue reading

Modern Bush Communication!

Imagine you are on a safari on Thanda. You enjoy the bush very much with all the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. But you feel a bit bad, because your grandma could not… Continue reading

Bheki’s Spear

Bheki – one of Thanda’s expert trackers – uses a traditional Zulu spear as protection when he goes looking for tracks on foot. This image shows the spear, safely lodged above the dashboard… Continue reading

Well done, Philip!

Philip G. – a Dutch boy living with his family in Poland – one of our recent guests at Thanda – took my photography lesson during his stay at the Lodge. He, his… Continue reading

And the answer is …

The picture shows a juvenile Red-billed Oxpecker looking for ticks inside of a White Rhino’s nose. The Oxpecker’s bill is black because he is not an adult yet. Javier V. (commented on Thanda’s… Continue reading

What is that?

A question for wildlife enthusiasts. This is a detail of a larger image. Do you know what bird this is and what it is doing? We will post the answer tomorrow!

Golden Hour

Watching Giraffes moving slowly across a ridge just when the sun sets – one of the most memorable moments of any safari. The Thanda guests enjoyed watching these magnificent creatures as the golden… Continue reading