Monthly Archive: March, 2014

My Space or Your Space?

We were watching a breeding herd of Elephants in a forest area when the matriarch decided to change direction and cross the road just where we were.  Normally, if one drives to close… Continue reading

Rhino Fund – Girls on a Mission!

Thanda Private Game Reserve would like to say a huge thank you to four inspiring young girls who today handed over a cheque for R25,000 to the Thanda/KZN Project Rhino fund. The 4… Continue reading

A Zebra Quarrel

These two Burchell’s Zebras had a bit of a quarrel. The Thanda guests on my vehicle were surprised about the force and stamina these two females displayed during their fighting. A very special… Continue reading

Fussy eater!

When one carefully watches how Elephants eat one realizes that they are quite selective eaters. If they break off a branch of a tree they will often strip the outer bark and eat… Continue reading

Morning Sun

One of the rewards for getting up for a early morning game drive is to experience a magnificent African sunrise. For many Thanda guests it is one of the most lasting memories of… Continue reading

Going Vegetarian?

Hardy! But this Thanda Lioness nibbled on grass for quite a while. That sort of behavior can mostly be observed after heavy meals, apparently to help with a full or upset stomach. The… Continue reading

A cat walking down the road …

All over the world cats are walking down roads. Usually it is a smallish creature looking for mice and other small prey. Not so at Thanda. When we were driving down the road… Continue reading

The tree that shines from afar!

One of the most distinct trees on Thanda is the Fever Tree (Vachellia xanthophloea). This image was taken just as the sun appeared over the horizon, lighting the trees in this valley through… Continue reading

Don’t kill the monkeys!

There are monkeys all over Africa. And also at Thanda. Small Vervet Monkeys can be found on the reserve and, as everywhere else, they are mostly found around human kitchens and dining rooms.… Continue reading

Mudded up!

Not everyone likes the mud that comes along with heavy rains. But this Buffalo obvoiusly enjoyed “mudding up”. A very special Thanda portrait! Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident… Continue reading