Monthly Archive: April, 2014


This little Black-backed Jackal was extremely relaxed. He was lying in the middle of the road when we approached, then stood up for a moment, but decided at the end that we were not a… Continue reading

The last two …

Warthog and Hyena complete the UGLY FIVE. Together with Marabou Stork, Vuture and Wildebeest they make up this very special club, whose members have all been spotted on Thanda. View the images of… Continue reading

“Ugly Five” in the Air

Marabou Storks and Vultures are also considered part of the Ugly Five. Together with the Wildebeest (see yesterday’s blog message ) they are part of this very special club. Two more coming up… Continue reading

The Ugly Five :-)

The Big Five are very famous. But there are also the Ugly Five! For guests it is a bit of harmless fun to guess which of the many animal species on Thanda qualify… Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all of us at Thanda! The picture shows Thanda’s “Easter Bunny”, a young Scrub Hare 🙂 Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda… Continue reading

Two Former Miss Worlds Enjoy the Beauty of Thanda

Thanda has just played host to two fabulous ladies who were both previous Miss World title holders of commendable significance. At the time living in Durban, Penelope Anne Ray (née Coelen) was crowned… Continue reading

Let’s keep going!

After the fighting break (see yesterday’s blog message) the two Thanda Giraffes bulls continued their fight. We left them at it after observing the slow but intense quarrel for quite a while. This… Continue reading

A fighting break!

These two adult Giraffe bulls took a short break from their rather serious fighting and stared for a while across the beautiful Thanda landscape. As for most male animals the reason for this… Continue reading


This Water Monitor Lizard was enjoying the sun at Thanda’s largest waterhole. These intelligent reptiles are very shy and usually disappear quickly into water or high grass as soon as one approaches. To… Continue reading

New Arrivals!

What a morning. Leaving the lodge for a drive a bit later than usual we were first looking for our dominant male Lion. He had been sighted not far away from the Thanda… Continue reading