Monthly Archive: May, 2014

A Dazzle of Zebra

A group of Zebra is called a ‘Dazzle’. Looking at this picture of a’ Thanda Dazzle’ shows why!   The striping pattern of the zebra is unique among ungulates. One suggested function for… Continue reading

Hip hip Hooray! Thanda is celebrating A Decade of Love.

The Zulu culture is full of song and dance, and at Thanda we have plenty to sing and dance about as today marks 10 remarkable years since welcoming our first guests. So much… Continue reading

Check surroundings for safety!

I am not sure that many car owners get this kind of view on their “reverse camera” as they try to back up their car 🙂 If one works as a resident wildlife… Continue reading

Much more than just entertainment!

When the Zulu Mamas sing and dance for the Thanda guests it is not just entertainment. The traditional songs and the traditional attire are components of the rich Zulu culture and they are… Continue reading

Clean-up Crew!

Hyena are one of the most fascinating mammal species to observe. They are an important part of the bush clean-up crew and play a vital role in the circle of life. With their… Continue reading

Thanda featured in Get It Magazine!

Thanda Private Game Reserve is featured in the May edition of Get It Magazine, a community magazine distributed on the North Coast of KZN. Have a look at the online version of the… Continue reading

OUT OF AFRICA – A Thanda Wedding

When Bridgid and Dave were planning their wedding they were looking for a venue in the African bush. Inspired by OUT OF AFRICA, Bridgid’s favorite movie, they chose Thanda Private Game Reserve as… Continue reading

“African Time”

The Thanda Breeding Herd of Elephant assembled for a sundown photo shoot in front of the Thanda Safari Lodge. They obviously were on “African Time”, as they were too late to catch the… Continue reading

Not only milk!

Our little Lion cubs have graduated to meat dishes 🙂 Their mum – Thanda North Pride’s oldest Lioness – had caught a Warthog for dinner. As the sun set she moved the kill into… Continue reading