Monthly Archive: July, 2014

A Thanda Sunrise!

  No words needed 🙂 Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve Never miss a message from Thanda! Sign up to the Thanda… Continue reading

Wake up dad!

Imagine a conversation between a large male Lion and his son …. Cub: Wake up dad, mum and grandma are moving on … Cub: Come oooon, they will leave us behind … Dad: You… Continue reading

No longer cubs? – Still cubs!

When we saw Thanda’s Cheetah female together with her daughter and her sons, they looked like three fully grown Cheetah! The two young ones lay majestically on top of a quarry wall while mum was… Continue reading

Imagine …

… you are sitting quietly in the bush and watching six little Lion cubs playing all around you. Well that is the experience we had on today’s evening game drive. While the adult… Continue reading

Say YES at Thanda!

Congratulations to Jo and Craig who are the first couple to get engaged at Thanda during our anniversary year!  They had an absolutely amazing weekend filled with wonderful safari activities that included the… Continue reading

Zululand Sunrise!

This Burchell’s Zebra was watching the sun rise over the horizon together with the Thanda guests. One of the most memorable moments of a safari in the heart of Zuluand are the beautiful morning… Continue reading

A busy guy!

At the moment Thanda’s dominant male Lion is a very busy guy. Besides making sure that he gets enough to eat (which means being at “home” with the ladies when they caught something… Continue reading

The Big Five – Villas!

Villa iZulu is rated one of the Big Five Villas in South Africa! Read a recent GotSaga-article at

Coming and Going!

Not everyone is a bird enthusiast. But, most guests do not only enjoy experiencing mammals but also enjoy sightings of colourful birds and large raptors. One of the most fascinating birds to watch… Continue reading

Golden light!

When the sun goes down and the light turns golden it is any photographer’s favourite time of day. This image was taken near one of Thanda’s waterholes in just such light. Many Thanda… Continue reading