Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Operation Rhino!

Today a group of Thanda guests took part in an exciting Rhino capture operation. Thanda’s IN THE PATH OF WILDLIFE guest experience is an excellent way to participate in wildlife conservation operations. This Rhino… Continue reading

A very special delay!

As part of our series on sharing interesting facts about our wildlife – including their peculiar habits and down-right bizarre behaviours – this week’s ‘Weird & Wonderful Animal Fact’ is on the Impala… Continue reading

Sheer joy!

Wedding Photographer Colin Browne’s coverage of an unforgettable day at Thanda!

Illuminated Rosettes

It is one of the most incredible sightings to see a Leopard crossing the road just when one is leaving the Thanda Safari Lodge for the morning game drive. The beautiful soft morning… Continue reading

Celebrate on us!

Over the next 24 hours we are offering anyone booking a safari with us a 10% discount as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebrations. (25 September 12:00pm – 26 September 12:00pm South African Standard… Continue reading

Ignore the car!

Lions normally ignore game drive vehicles, especially when the encounter is on their terms. The Thanda dominant male was passing within touching distance of the vehicle, undisturbed by the humans within the car.… Continue reading

World Rhino Day 2014

Support the fight for the survival of these magnificent creatures!

Ready for my close-up!

One of Thanda’s largest Elephant bulls was standing still for a few seconds – for his close-up pictures 🙂 – before he moved on down the hill. This gentle giant was trailing the… Continue reading

Wildlife Weddings

Please have a browse of our beautiful new Thanda Wedding flipbook which is available to view online. There’s nothing more magical or more memorable than a new life started in the African wilderness.… Continue reading

A Leopard and his Tracks

The main job of Thanda’s expert trackers is to find and interpret the signs which animals leave when they move through the bush. Foot imprints, droppings/dung , broken branches, depressed grass and cut… Continue reading