Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Thanda November Specials

With the progression of spring into summer, the non-breeding bird migrants start to arrive from distant climes which makes for prime birdwatching. It’s also the start of the short summer rains which brings… Continue reading

Zulu for Guests :-)

Our guests enjoy getting to know our staff along with their Zulu culture during their stay with us just as much as spotting the wildlife! We are regularly being asked for the Zulu… Continue reading


Summer is on its way. All the herbivores on Thanda enjoy the new plant growths. A Warthog is feasting on fresh grass in a recently burned area. A Kudu cow eats the fresh leaves of… Continue reading

A Rainbow over the Lebombo Mountains, a Road Block and two Freezing Cheetah!

As it happens during this time of the year strong winds frequently follow heavy rains. On our afternoon game drive we first encountered a beautiful rainbow over the Lebombo mountains, then we met… Continue reading

Wow, that’s close :-)

One of Thanda’s male Cheetahs got quite a fright when this Giraffe bull approached and bent his long neck to get a good look. A second after this picture was taken, both of… Continue reading

Look, Listen, Let’s Go!

It is a rare privilege to see a Black Rhino on an open area. Seeing three together is a very special treat. This black Rhino mum crossed the Thanda savanna with her two calves… Continue reading

Fire Season!

Just before the rainy season starts Thanda reserve management is helping the bushveld to rejuvenate by burning some parts of the reserve which have very long dry grass left from the winter season.… Continue reading

Follow us now on Instagram!

Thanda is now also on Instagram [thandaprivategamereserve]- Follow us and enjoy the beautiful images from the heart of Zululand! Pictures by Christian Sperka – Thanda’s Resident Wildlife Photographer – and other photographers. Never miss… Continue reading

Just cows? Not so much ….

Sometimes safari guests think that a Cape Buffalo is just another type of cow. Far from it. These stocky herd animals can turn from fairly docile bovines into very dangerous opponents within seconds. When… Continue reading

Very creative …

Imagine that a creative photo shoot on your wedding day includes Rhinos, Giraffes, Buffalo and the magnificent landscapes of Zululand! Shannon and Warren said YES in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Thanda Private Game Reserve… Continue reading