Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Really full!

Thanda’s two Cheetah boys went for an afternoon walk after a big midday meal. Their stomachs were so full that they had to rest every few hundred meters 🙂 A great sighting to… Continue reading

Family Time

This is a short picture story about one of Thanda’s youngest Giraffes and her family. Thanda guests always enjoyed observing Giraffes’ family life! Bonding with daddy Mum and aunties looking after the little… Continue reading

Pecking Order

These two young bulls were sparring to measure their strength. The younger of the two – on the left – did not want to give up and kept provoking the older – and… Continue reading

To the Lodge!

At the end of today’s exciting game drive with sparring Elephants, grazing White Rhinos and a few unusual bird sightings we were on our way back to the Thanda Safari Lodge when this… Continue reading

Always on the move!

To get a picture of a Banded Mongoose is quite difficult and it usually depicts an animal on the run. These small mammals are always on the move and are quite shy. So… Continue reading

Birth Place!

We were just a few minutes late to witness the birth of this Cape Buffalo calf. As we arrived it was bonding with mum and after a little while started looking for the… Continue reading

Thanda features in a recent Conde Nast Traveller story!

Have a look at this great article about The Hidden Elephant Coast featuring KwaZulu Natal and Thanda Private Game Reserve. You might also want to read the Thanda blog story about the… Continue reading

Looking the wrong way?

It looks like these Giraffes were looking the wrong way. But they were quite aware of this Lion cub which tried a “not so stealthy” approach. The two adult Lionesses and their six… Continue reading

Rhino Talk!

One of the most discussed safari topics is the threat to wildlife and especially to Rhinos. Most of Thanda’s guests are eager to learn about these magnificent creatures and their struggle for survival.… Continue reading

Hercules and Sisyphus!

Dung Beetles are one of most fascinating family of creatures in creation. Strong as Hercules and persistent as Sisyphus they are one of the favorites of Thanda younger guests. Rolling huge dung balls… Continue reading