Monthly Archive: February, 2015

Under the sacred marula tree!

Celebrate your wedding with an intimate ceremony under the sacred marula tree. Meaning Love in isiZulu, Thanda offers an idyllic backdrop for those looking to tie the knot in Africa. Our ceremonies are usually… Continue reading

Exclusive last minute rate for South African guests!

We are offering an exclusive last minute rate for South African guests! On all new bookings made for stays during March 2015, SA guests will enjoy savings of 25%. There’s not much time… Continue reading

“Horned Beast”

The scientific name for a White Rhino is Ceratotherium simum, which is derived from the Greek terms keras (κερας) “horn” and therion (θηριον) “beast”and simus (σιμος), meaning “flat nosed”. A very fitting name… Continue reading

What a feeling!

My guests from Sweden had very mixed feelings about this Thanda Elephant sighting. But all of them agreed that the encounter with the young Elephant bull was one of the most extraordinary experiences… Continue reading

Sharing the Love All Year Round

A very Happy Valentine ’s Day to all. This Valentine’s weekend has already been filled with small surprises and great adventures: our guests have enjoyed wild sightings by day and romantic dinners by… Continue reading


Mkhanyakude is the word for Fever Tree in Zulu. It means “The tree that shines from afar”. This picture shows one of these beautiful trees during the golden hour on a summer’s day.… Continue reading

Lion and Lodge!

One of the thrills of staying at the Thanda Safari Lodge is the knowledge that our Lions are very close by when one is relaxing on the lounge deck or in one’s private… Continue reading