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BIRDS – Village Weavers mating

This is an image of a Village Weaver pair mating in front of their nest at the Thanda Safari Lodge. Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer –… Continue reading

Birds, Birds, Birds!

THANDA BIRDS Photo Gallery at Thanda hosts hundreds of bird species. Many of them are seen regularly on game drive, other are rare guests, and some of them are only here during… Continue reading

BIRDS – White-backed Vulture

White-backed Vultures in Flight THANDA BIRDS – Thanda Private Game Reserve is well-known for its excellent game viewing. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Black and White Rhino, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo and many other mammals are… Continue reading

BIRDS – Crowned Lapwing – Watch the Eggs!

At the afternoon drink stop we spotted this Crowned Lapwing watching over its nest. We kept quite a distance not to disturb the bird further and a few seconds after this shot was… Continue reading

She loves birds!

The face of Lions change completely if they are looking up at the sky and follow birds. One of the Thanda guests on my vehicle suggested that this Lioness must really love birds… Continue reading

BIRDS – Brown-hooded Kingfisher

One of the Thanda guests was very surprised when this Brown-hooded Kingfisher did not fly off when we approach but kept sitting on its branch almost to “touching-distance”. These small birds are usually… Continue reading

BIRDS – Green-winged Pytilia

Another BIRD series image: A Green-winged Pytilia (Melba Finch). This picture was taken at Thanda Private Game Reserve on 15 August 2013.

BIRDS – Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

For the many bird lovers among my blog audience I am starting a new posts series. The first image is of two Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, small doves with beautiful emerald-colored markings on their… Continue reading

Smart Birds!

At a sighting with six White Rhino I took this image of a Fork-tailed Drongo. These small birds are known for their ability to imitate the sound of other animals and for their… Continue reading

Birds, Birds, Birds …

Thanda Private Game Reserve is well known for its excellent game viewing. The Super Seven (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Black and White Rhino, African Elephant and Cape Buffalo) are spotted regularly.… Continue reading