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To see two White Rhinos mating is a very rare sighting for any safari guest – and also for a guide ­čÖé Thanda guests were able to observe this pair of White Rhinos… Continue reading

Timo, Philip, Quinten – the small things and a rainy day!

Timo, Philip, Quinten – three young Thanda guests – had already seen Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalo, Giraffes and many other mammals on their first few game drives. So, on this rainy summers day… Continue reading

BIRDS – White-backed Vulture

White-backed Vultures in Flight THANDA BIRDS –┬áThanda Private Game Reserve is well-known for its excellent game viewing. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Black and White Rhino, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo and many other mammals are… Continue reading

Rhinos in the Snow?

When one looks at this images one could think that these two White Rhinos are walking in the snow! So I thought this makes for a nice Winter holiday images for all our… Continue reading

Not bothered!

This was my favorite Leopard sighting since I started working at Thanda 18 month ago! In the early morning hours we spotted this beautiful male Leopard lounging in a tree. He was quite… Continue reading

Looking for breakfast!

This small Elephant did not mind the rain. He was moving between all his elders and ended up with mum – demanding his morning meal. The Thanda guests enjoyed their early morning game… Continue reading

Rest at Sunset!

The Thanda North Pride of Lions is having a rest at one of the waterholes on the reserve. Viewing patience is often rewarded at this time of the evening as the Lions are… Continue reading

Keeping up with mum

In this picture the little White Rhino is running along mum towards a waterhole. Mum was a bit agitated, but it had nothing to do with the game drive vehicle in the area.… Continue reading

On eye level!

These two young Thanda guests had a great time watching a few Elephant bulls stopping by for a drink at the Thanda Safari Lodge. An exciting encounter not only for the two youngster… Continue reading

Welcome back!

We had not seen the Thanda Cheetah female and her cubs for quite a while. So it was exciting moment for the Thanda guests, the tracker and the guide when the Thanda Wildlife… Continue reading