Category Archive: Thanda stories from an animals point of view

Wake up dad!

Imagine a conversation between a large male Lion and his son …. Cub: Wake up dad, mum and grandma are moving on … Cub: Come oooon, they will leave us behind … Dad: You… Continue reading

Walk to water …

Imagine you are a two month old Thanda Baby Elephant … “A hot day today. Mum is walking very fast. Grandma wants to find water. So we walk and walk and walk. I… Continue reading

My first week!

From Thanda’s dominant male Lion’s point of view … “It was a hard first week, but what a place! As soon as they let me out of the boma – which was pretty… Continue reading

Mummy, get him!

Imagine you are a Baby Elephant … “Well, today is a very windy and cold morning. We were all were pretty thirsty and moving towards a waterhole … … when grandma spotted a… Continue reading

I am a big Lion now!

“Well, you probably have seen many pictures of me since last year. Since this funny German photographer arrived here at Thanda we have had to pose constantly for pictures. But this way all… Continue reading