Directions and GPS Coordinates


Turn off N2 at D242 / GPS  -27.885458, 32.184646 towards the west.
[Turn right if you come from Pongola/Mkuze | Turn left if you come from Durban/Hluhluwe]
Follow the D242 for 5.7km (approx. 10 minutes) to the Thanda gate on your left.

NOTE: Do not enter “Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve” as a destination into your GPS system. Please enter the N2/D242 turn-off coordinates (-27.885458, 32.184646). Otherwise the system will take you onto very bad roads 🙂


GPS Coordinates

N2/D242 Turn-off  -27.885458, 32.184646


Other coordinates (Please do not use for car GPS input)

Thanda Safari Villa iZulu Helipad -27.846220, 32.109903

Thanda Safari Base Camp Helipad -27.806217, 32.109645

Thanda Safari South Gate -27.865528, 32.134360

Thanda Safari Tented Camp -27.846846, 32.125073

Thanda Safari Lodge -27.828716, 32.116856

Intibane Camp -27.852632, 32.079712

Thanda Safari North Gate -27.801804, 32.107038

Thanda Safari – Thanda House -27.809245, 32.095409

N2/P450 Turn-off -27.796864, 32.138281