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Cleanup Crew

This Cape Buffalo bull hosted a rather large cleanup crew as he went to have a drink at one of Thanda largest waterholes. Red-billed Oxpeckers eat ticks and other parasites off these large… Continue reading


This morning three beautiful Kudu bulls came to drink at small waterhole at Thanda. After they had quenched their thirst a herd of Cape Buffalo started stampeding the scene. The Thanda guests enjoyed this… Continue reading

The last of the five!

The Big Five are by far the most photographed and talked about of all African animals. But it is really the Lions, Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos which get the major share of the… Continue reading

Mum, not again!

This Buffalo calf had a drink when it’s mum decided to go to the toilette! This happens quite regularly with Buffalo. Bheki – my tracker at Thanda – reckons this is very good… Continue reading

Strange scent!

Some of Thanda’s Cape Buffalo came for their evening drink to a waterhole. And while they were drinking and mud-bathing some of them picked up a scent they did not like. Many heads… Continue reading


Today’s images shows the impact of the very heavy summer rains this season. The grass on the Thanda savanna is so high that even Buffalo are difficult to spot. At the end of an eventful… Continue reading

Lost the Herd?

Today’s Thanda morning and afternoon game drives were amazing. We sat for almost an hour in between a herd of Elephants while they were feeding, playing and sparring around the vehicle. We watched… Continue reading