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Winter Colours!

Flowering Mountain Aloes on the rolling hills of Zululand are a beautiful sign for the winter time. As all the brown tones replace the vivid greens of summer these stunning plants provide colour… Continue reading

Lion Family Life! A short video :-)

Lion Family Life

During this morning’s drive we spotted a Lioness with her small cubs along the road. She was leading us directly to a Wildebeest kill. The Lions had taken down the antelope only a… Continue reading

Should we move?

It is a very thrilling experience for many guests when a breeding herd of Elephants walks towards the vehicle. And as a guide one sometimes hears a timid voice from the back asking… Continue reading

Alert Snooze!

Lions have the capability to go from prefect rest to complete alertness in no time at all. This Lioness went directly from sleeping mode to observation before she started stalking her prey. Thanda… Continue reading

They are back!

One of the most fascinating raptors is back at Thanda. A pair of Secretary Birds spends part of the year on Thanda’s savanna area to the delight of guests, guides and trackers. These… Continue reading

Check surroundings for safety!

I am not sure that many car owners get this kind of view on their “reverse camera” as they try to back up their car 🙂 If one works as a resident wildlife… Continue reading

Not bothered!

This was my favorite Leopard sighting since I started working at Thanda 18 month ago! In the early morning hours we spotted this beautiful male Leopard lounging in a tree. He was quite… Continue reading

Growing fast!

The Thanda North Pride cubs are growing fast. But they are still very playful and provide a great “show” if they are in the mood. Thanda guests enjoy sightings with these youngsters very… Continue reading

Stay where you are!

This small Thanda Elephant bull wanted to make sure that we came no further towards the herd. All the adult females were very relaxed when this little one showed us that he is… Continue reading