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An itch, an amazing view, and a short tail!

It is not only the Big Five which provide amazing sightings and exciting photo opportunities. On my way to a photography lesson for guests at the Thanda Tented Camp I encountered a Warthog… Continue reading

Should we move?

It is a very thrilling experience for many guests when a breeding herd of Elephants walks towards the vehicle. And as a guide one sometimes hears a timid voice from the back asking… Continue reading

Alert Snooze!

Lions have the capability to go from prefect rest to complete alertness in no time at all. This Lioness went directly from sleeping mode to observation before she started stalking her prey. Thanda… Continue reading

They are back!

One of the most fascinating raptors is back at Thanda. A pair of Secretary Birds spends part of the year on Thanda’s savanna area to the delight of guests, guides and trackers. These… Continue reading

Mum, not again!

This Buffalo calf had a drink when it’s mum decided to go to the toilette! This happens quite regularly with Buffalo. Bheki – my tracker at Thanda – reckons this is very good… Continue reading

I am back :-) – Happy New Year

Sorry about not posting since Christmas but my Internet connection was down until yesterday. We were very busy at Thanda over the holidays and I had quite a lot of great sightings (pictures… Continue reading