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On eye level!

These two young Thanda guests had a great time watching a few Elephant bulls stopping by for a drink at the Thanda Safari Lodge. An exciting encounter not only for the two youngster… Continue reading

Thanda wins WORLD TRAVEL AWARD for the 5th time!

THANDA WINS WORLD TRAVEL AWARD FOR THE 5th TIME Described by the Wall Street Journal as the “Oscars” of the Travel Industry Thanda Private Game Reserve is thrilled to have once again been… Continue reading

Delay – no problem!

In a five-star lodge service delays are not acceptable. So normally the game drives start just in time! But the rules change when the Thanda Elephants get involved. Today a few of Thanda… Continue reading

Growing fast!

The Thanda North Pride cubs are growing fast. But they are still very playful and provide a great “show” if they are in the mood. Thanda guests enjoy sightings with these youngsters very… Continue reading

Stay where you are!

This small Thanda Elephant bull wanted to make sure that we came no further towards the herd. All the adult females were very relaxed when this little one showed us that he is… Continue reading

The Small Things!

It is not all about the Big Five. A game drive on Thanda is much more than just looking at the “famous grand creatures” of the bush. Enjoying the presentation of a Scorpion… Continue reading