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An itch, an amazing view, and a short tail!

It is not only the Big Five which provide amazing sightings and exciting photo opportunities. On my way to a photography lesson for guests at the Thanda Tented Camp I encountered a Warthog… Continue reading


Summer is on its way. All the herbivores on Thanda enjoy the new plant growths. A Warthog is feasting on fresh grass in a recently burned area. A Kudu cow eats the fresh leaves of… Continue reading

The last two …

Warthog and Hyena complete the UGLY FIVE. Together with Marabou Stork, Vuture and Wildebeest they make up this very special club, whose members have all been spotted on Thanda. View the images of… Continue reading

A Warthog burrow, the Lions close and the Landi stuck :-)

Today I got my Land Rover properly stuck for the first time. While we were trying to get close to a pride of Lions resting in thick bush I dropped my right back… Continue reading