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… a few more images from yesterday’s Rhino capture operation at Thanda. Under the guidance of Dr.Mike Toft this White Rhino female was tranquillized, a transmitter was implanted into her horn by the… Continue reading

Unwanted attention!

As we drove up the road this young White Rhino female was busy escaping unwanted attentions from a young bull. She rushed by the vehicle and disappeared into the bush. A few minutes… Continue reading


To see two White Rhinos mating is a very rare sighting for any safari guest – and also for a guide 🙂 Thanda guests were able to observe this pair of White Rhinos… Continue reading

Rhinos in the Snow?

When one looks at this images one could think that these two White Rhinos are walking in the snow! So I thought this makes for a nice Winter holiday images for all our… Continue reading

Keeping up with mum

In this picture the little White Rhino is running along mum towards a waterhole. Mum was a bit agitated, but it had nothing to do with the game drive vehicle in the area.… Continue reading