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No interest!

One would imagine that the appearance of carnivores like Cheetahs would lead to the flight of any herbivores, which are usually on the menu list of big cats. But the Thanda Safari guests enjoyed… Continue reading

Over 800 new arrivals!

Over the last few weeks the Wildlife Team at Thanda Safari has been busy bringing in fresh general game genetics to the reserve. Over 800 animals (Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala and Kudu) have joined… Continue reading

In a hurry!

This young Thanda Zebra stallion was in a hurry when another male gave him a good chase. It is always great to see interaction between Zebras as most of the time they are… Continue reading

The Kids’ Favorites

Most of Thanda’s guests favor the Big Five and enjoy sightings of these dangerous creatures. But our youngest guests will – more often than not – name one of these two as their… Continue reading


It is that time of the year. The rains have started. The days are hot and humid. Females of many different herbivore species have started giving birth. This collages shows a picture of… Continue reading

I love rain …

After the recent rains this little Zebra calf (only a few days old) was running around with great energy in the wet grass. It looked to us as it was celebrating the relief from… Continue reading

Morning meeting!

  Mid morning a lot of mammals come to the various waterholes on Thanda to satisfy their daily water need. This picture shows White Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras and two Egyptian Geese in front of… Continue reading

A dazzle down the road!

A dazzle of Burchell’s Zebras walking down a road on the way to one of Thanda’s waterholes. The Red-billed Oxpeckers are in close attendance looking for their “tick breakfast”. Picture by Christian Sperka… Continue reading

Zululand Sunrise!

This Burchell’s Zebra was watching the sun rise over the horizon together with the Thanda guests. One of the most memorable moments of a safari in the heart of Zuluand are the beautiful morning… Continue reading

A Dazzle of Zebra

A group of Zebra is called a ‘Dazzle’. Looking at this picture of a’ Thanda Dazzle’ shows why!   The striping pattern of the zebra is unique among ungulates. One suggested function for… Continue reading