Too close for comfort!

20121130 - CS2_1651 - E - SIG

20121130 - CS2_1656 - E - SIG

20121130 - CS2_1663 - E - SIG


20121130 - CS2_1718 - E - SIG

The Thanda North Pride was not willing to move far of their Wildebeest kill when three White Rhinos moved through the area. The Rhinos investigated the kill while the Lions were watching closely. At one stage the Rhinos got too close for comfort and the Lions retreated (but not far :-)). One Lioness even “stalked” and “drove” the Rhinos to get them away from the kill. As soon as the large herbivores were gone the carnivores continued their meal.

I needed the wide-angle lens for most of the images, as it all happened very close to our game drive vehicle.

On the same game drive we saw a Black Rhino with their calf, newborn Helmeted Guinea fowl chicks and a Spotted Eagle Owl. What a day!