Shaken by Elephants!

20121205 - CS2_2732 - E - SIG

This young Elephant bull was testing the strength of my Land Rover and of Bheki’s tracker seat. After a slight shake to the car he decided that this was a “strong thing” and he moved off quietly and continued feeding.

… and this is one of the reasons why our trackers do not stay in their seat when we are viewing Elephants 🙂

20121203 - CS2_2355 - E - SIG

When his little sister (she is only a few weeks old) was crossing the road she was giving us a good “Elephant head shake of displeasure” before quickly joining her mother on the other side of the road.

The Elephant moms just watched the displays tolerantly without any signs of agitation.

The Thanda guests enjoyed the “Shaken by Elephant” experiences.