The Bush School!

20130105 - CS2_6771 - E - SIG

On Thanda we have an old bush school (a few A-frame huts and an old wooden classroom building) which is left from the days when Thanda was farmland.

On hot days the Thanda North Pride likes to use the classroom as shelter from the sun. Here are a few images from our Lions in school.

20130105 - CS2_6774 - E - SIG

20130105 - CS2_6782 - E - SIG

The little ones (about 8 month old now) learn from mom that is time to stop suckling. They complained noisily.

20130105 - CS2_6785 - E - SIG


The shaded cool concrete makes for an ideal resting surface. Especially the concrete table (on the left) is popular when is gets very hot.

So if one is on a walk, one needs to be careful to look for shelter at the school – the Lions may already be there 🙂

Have a good week!