Bark Spider

When I was going through some if my pictures from the last two weeks I found this image of a Bark Spider, which I liked a lot. Have a good Sunday!

20130118 - CS2_8016 - E - SIG

About Bark Spiders:

Bark Spiders (Genus:Caerostris) are nocturnal orb-web spiders that construct a large orb web, up to 1.5 meters  stretching from one tree to the next. When she is off her web she retires to a branch and packs her legs tightly next to her body and she melts into her surroundings looking like a knot on the branch.

Caerostris are large spiders with females reaching 30 mm in body length. The males are tiny. Its silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a similarly-sized piece of Kevlar.