Morning Drink Stop

20130227 - CS2_4304 - E - SIG

We had a great game drive this morning. After tracking for less than half an hour we found the breeding herd of Elephants feeding in thick bush. We watched them crossing the road in front of us and thought they might go to drink at a nearby waterhole.

And we were right. The whole herd was having a drink. The first picture shows the Thanda matriarch (she has no tusks) with another adult cow, one older calf and the two youngest members of the herd.

The next picture shows one of our oldest bulls drinking (he is currently in musth as indicated by the back legs wet from dribbling urine and the running glands on his head).

20130227 - CS2_4301 - E

The third picture shows him on the opposite side of the waterhole (I prefer this distance for a musth bull πŸ™‚

20130227 - CS2_4341 - E - SIG

The herd is very protective of their young. In the last picture you can see on of the little ones “disappearing” between the females.

20130227 - CS2_4296 - E - SIG

We finished off this Thanda morning game drive with coffee and cookies in the bush!