Monthly Archive: May, 2013

I am big and you better watch it!

This small male White Rhino calf put us in our place! He came right up to the vehicle (which was standing below his level) and showed us his “big” horn, jumped up and… Continue reading

A Good Look!

Thanda’s dominant male Lion gave us “a good look” when we spotted him on the way to the lodge after bush dinner. The guests on my vehicle were very impressed with the beautiful… Continue reading

Wet, Dirty and Sharp!

These were the three adjectives that came to my mind when I saw this young male Lion displaying his sharp claws. He was very wet and very dirty when we encountered the Thanda… Continue reading

Sky over Thanda

On today’s Thanda Game Drive we encountered this Giraffe on a hill top under a beautiful sky. Have a good week!

I want that stick!

Dedication is everything. One of Thanda’s youngest Lion was jumping over his uncle to get to his brother and retrieve the small wooden stick that had been taken from him just a few… Continue reading

Morning Drink Stop

The Thanda North Pride stopped for a morning drink at a small dam on the savanna area. The cubs are now almost a year old and their aunts and uncles almost two, but… Continue reading

Romeo and Juliet

The guests on my vehicle thought it was a bit like Romeo and Juliet, the Montgues and the Capulets. One of our Lionesses had split away from the pride and was obviously looking… Continue reading

A good stretch!

If one gets up at 6:30 in the morning a good stretch is in order. Well, the dominant male Lion on Thanda Private Game Reserve thought so, too. Before he started for his morning walk… Continue reading

Pride Rock

Thanda’s Lions have their own pride rock 🙂 In the late afternoon two Thanda North Pride youngsters were overlooking the northern part of Thanda with the Lebombo Mountains in the background. We often stop at… Continue reading