Romeo and Juliet

20130430 - Collage 1925

The guests on my vehicle thought it was a bit like Romeo and Juliet, the Montgues and the Capulets.

One of our Lionesses had split away from the pride and was obviously looking for a mate. But the perfectly good dominant male Lion provided by the Thanda management was not of her choosing!

She had an eye on one of the male Lions on the neighboring property. After she roared for a while he came to the fence and then walked up and down with her for a while.

But, as in the Shakespeare play, “a happy end” was not possible and after a while both of them went their own way.

Our Lioness re-joined her own pride the next day and looked again content in her familiar surroundings. And … as we have a lot of Lions already … it was a good thing that she did not mate at this stage!