Smart Birds!

20130819 - CS3_4702 - E - SIG

At a sighting with six White Rhino I took this image of a Fork-tailed Drongo.

These small birds are known for their ability to imitate the sound of other animals and for their hunting technique. They follow large mammals and hunt for any insects stirred up by their large “helpers”.

PS: One of the Rhinos provided the background for this image 🙂

More about Fork-tailed Drongos:

The Fork-tailed Drongos is a widespread resident breeder in Africa south of the Sahara. These insect-eating birds are usually found in open forests or bush. They are aggressive and fearless birds, given their small size, and will attack much larger species, including birds of prey if their nest or young are threatened. The call is a metallic strink-strink. Fork-tailed Drongos are capable of using deceptive mimicked alarm calls to steal food from small mammals.