Nature at Work

20131009 - CS1_0552 - E - SIG

Observing “nature at work” can be difficult at times. Last nights Lion sighting showed that human sentiments do not apply to animals.

We observed a Lioness, which had killed a Blue Wildebeest, first eating the unborn calf fetus before returning to the adult kill.

Shortly afterwards the Lioness was chased off the kill by Thanda’s dominant male Lion who took over the feast.

20131009 - CS1_0707 - E - SIG

The first image above shows the Lioness when feeding. The second image shows the male after the take over.

I got some amazing footage from this very unusual sighting. The links below lead to four more images.

WARNING: Please do not click on the links below if you are disturbed by images of animals feeding on other animals.