Well done, Philip!

20131229 - Collage 1726

Philip G. – a Dutch boy living with his family in Poland – one of our recent guests at Thanda – took my photography lesson during his stay at the Lodge.

He, his two brothers and his parents enjoyed the stay very much and Philip sent me two of his pictures. I am very proud to feature in one of them (even if it is with a bit of a funny face looking at a scorpion – but do not worry this one is quite harmless :-)).

Philip especially liked the macro image of the little caterpillar. The collage also shows Philip with his camera – busy shooting in the bush!

Well done and thanks for letting me publish two of your works!

Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

More about Christian’s photography lessons at Thanda:
Any guest at Thanda Private Game Reserve may request a complementary 90 minute photography session (based on availability/between game drives).  In these sessions Christian will teach how to set up your camera for wildlife photography, what do adjust during shooting on game drive (motto:keep it simple) and he will show you what makes a good wildlife image.  It does not matter if you stay at the Safari Lodge, the Tented Camp or the Villa iZulu.  When you are booking your stay at Thanda you can also request Christian as your field guide (based on availability) during your stay to spend additional photography time with him and his tracker Bheki in the bush.