Zulu for Guests :-)

Thanda Faces

Our guests enjoy getting to know our staff along with their Zulu culture during their stay with us just as much as spotting the wildlife! We are regularly being asked for the Zulu translation for everyday words such as hello and thank you and have drawn up a list as a reminder for those who have recently visited. We thought it may also be of interest to those who may soon be staying with us:

Hello –Sawubona
Thank you – Ngiyabonga
Delicious – Kumnandi
Beautiful – Muhle
Good – Kuhle
Go well – Hambakahle
We are happy – Sijabule
May I please have this – Ngicela lokhu
How are you – Unjani
Sleep well – Lala kahle
See you tomorrow – Sobonana kusasa
Spoil your self – Zithokozise or Zijabulise
Good choice – Ukhethe kahle
Lion – Bhubesi
Elephant – Ndlovu
Buffalo – Nyathi
White Rhino – Nkombe
Black Rhino – Bhejane
Leopard – Ingwe

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