Under the sacred marula tree!

Celebrate your wedding with an intimate ceremony under the sacred marula tree.

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Meaning Love in isiZulu, Thanda offers an idyllic backdrop for those looking to tie the knot in Africa. Our ceremonies are usually held out in the heart of our game reserve under the sacred marula tree, also known as the marriage tree amongst the Zulu people. Couples may however prefer to exchange their vows atop of one of the rolling hills that overlook 14,000 hectares of spectacular wilderness where it is not unusual for giraffe to pop their heads round to spectate. They may dream to be out on the open plains, with the chance of elephants passing by in the distance or on one of the decks of our three award-winning properties overlooking gazelles drinking from the watering hole below. Anything is possible.

Our weddings are celebrated in the style and format of the couple’s choice. We can arrange for our local African choir to serenade the bride with a favourite piece of music as she walks down the aisle and plan an evening celebration accompanied by the beat and drums of Zulu dancers who add a lively spectacle to the proceedings. Some couples prefer a full-themed wedding, whilst others choose to introduce their own traditions and touches. Nothing is too much trouble and our wedding planner will meticulously tailor each one to make them as individual and special as our wedding couples themselves.

We have recently introduced three Wildlife Wedding packages designed to accommodate different party sizes and budgets. For an easy and clear guide of the different options available please click here:

Wedding packages: http://www.thanda.com/packages/wildlife-wedding.htm
Online wedding brochure: http://www.edvc.com/Thanda/TW-V16/TW-V16.html

It is Thanda’s level of service and attention to detail, beautiful ceremony settings, distinctive accommodation options and the sheer space that we feel make a wedding here quite like no other.