That’s it! – Fourteen for the Villa! (14)

Thanda’s resident Wildlife Photographer Christian Sperka has selected fourteen of his best images for a change of decoration in two of the suites at Thanda’s Villa iZulu.

This is the last of fourteen posts from Christian’s personal blog showing these beautiful images printed in traditional sepia. It includes an online gallery with all the pictures.

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I have selected fourteen images which are now hanging in two of the suites at Thanda’s Villa iZulu. These are some of my favorite images and I have prepared them in sepia to match the existing old-fashioned frames. This is the last of these images. I have also included a gallery with all fourteen pictures below. Enjoy them!

Number fourteen – The End :-): Thanda’s Dominant Male Lion

20150421 - CS3_5638 - S 2

PS: If you stay at Thanda’s Villa iZulu in the suites number 2 or 3 you can view them in the original print.


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