Protecting endangered Black Rhinos …


Rhino horn is often used as a blood purifier – it’s a big corporate thing, used to impress business partners. Read this article by @TheIndependentOnline’s Andrew Johnson as he shares his experience with our anti-poaching team protecting endangered black rhinos.

… and these are a few pictures of the Rhino darting operation which Andrew is writing about.

20150802 - CS1_8635 - EDr.Mike Toft gives a detailed briefing about the Rhino darting before the helicopter takes off.

20150803 - CS3_9455 - EMembers of the team are watching the helicopter during the darting operation.

20150802 - CS1_8646 - EThe Rhinos are down and the operation begins.

20150802 - CS1_8657 - EMany tasks are carried out simultaneously to minimize the needed ‘Rhino down time’.

20150802 - CS1_8670 - EThe transmitter is implanted into the horn.

20131125 - CS1_5238 - EOut of there! – Before a Black Rhino wakes up everyone must vacate the area to avoid damage to vehicles and injuries to people. Black Rhinos are quite aggressive and fully awake once they wake up after the operation.

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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