Thanda water truck to help drought-stricken animals and people

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South Africa is in the midst of its worst drought for the past two decades, and a severe lack of rain is impinging on both animals and people.

To help alleviate the situation, Thanda Safari has bought a 16,000 litre (~ 4,225 gallon) water truck to help people and wildlife during the persisting drought.

Due to the severe lack of rain in KwaZulu-Natal, many of Thanda’s bore holes and water sources have either dried up completely or are only yielding a fraction of their usual output. For the past few months we have had an average of four truckloads of water brought into the reserve daily, hiring external transport to handle this task.

The hired trucks used for these deliveries also supply to many other areas, who are affected by water shortages. For Thanda, having our own truck means we will save on costs and ensure reliable water delivery to the reserve, and has the additional benefit of freeing up the hired trucks to deliver water more regularly to our neighbours.

Our new large water truck will also prove useful when large bush fires have to be fought.

The pictures shows the new truck at one of Thanda’s waterholes. Truman Ndlovu, Thanda’s Security & Reserve Operations Manager (in front), lends a helping hand to prepare for the first delivery. Just as the truck was about to depart after delivering its first cargo, a herd of Cape Buffalo came in to enjoy the fresh water. Job well done, indeed.

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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