A picture to trigger the memories

Not everything on a safari can be captured in the perfect picture. Sometimes the situation is just magic and no picture can ever tell the story. But it can help to trigger the memories.

Imagine you are driving along a road in the South African wilderness when all the sudden a group of Giraffes appears in the moonlight beside you. After turning off all the lights on your vehicle the eyes adjust slowly to this beautiful scene. Most of the Giraffes are sitting down under a starry sky.

After enjoying the peace and quiet for a while you have to move on, but the memories remain!

20160318 - CS3_9951 - E - 00_1

For the photographers among you: This picture was taken at f/8 | 8sec | 6400 ISO | 28mm | manual focus (guess) | handheld supported on the window ledge of the vehicle | converted to albumen effect (1855-1890)

Picture by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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