Smart Phones and Binoculars

Arlo B

Modern smart phones are fantastic tools and have great cameras for wide-angle photography. Taking pictures of landscapes, of one’s friends or even selfies work really well. But taking pictures of anything in a distance – like wildlife close-ups – can be frustrating.

It is true that on a good Private Game Reserve like Thanda Safari one normally gets much closer to the wildlife than in a National Park, but even that is often not close enough to get good smart phone images.

But there is a way! Through Binoculars!

Thanda¬†Safari Guide Arlo Steyn is an artist when it comes to taking smart phone images through binoculars. To do this takes a bit of practice and a steady hand. Arlo is using a Samsung Galaxy s6 and Vortex 10×42 set of binoculars.

Arlo explains: “It is important to first focus the binos with your eyes on your subject and then find some support to hold the phone and the binos steady. I keep the phone’s lens about 5mm from the right binocular lens. Once I have the image of the phone I crop the black rings from the picture to make it square or rectangular”

Have a look at some of Arlo’s stunning smart phone picture!

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