The Ultimate Interaction

In beautiful surroundings ...

In beautiful surroundings …

It is always very exciting to see animals interact – between different species or between specimen of the same species. It is a very rare occasion to see large mammals – like White Rhinos – mating. This week Thanda Safari guests were very lucky to witness this ‘ultimate interaction’. The dominant bull had fought with another male for his mating rights and his slightly wounded rival was still hanging around during the process. A third (young) male, who behaved submissively, was tolerated by the others and was watching the mating. It took over 30 minutes before the big bull descended from the cow. At that stage all involved parties were very exhausted and took a nap!

What a sighting!

More about White Rhinos …

White Rhino females reach sexual maturity at 6–7yrs while males reach sexual maturity between 10–12yrs. Courtship is often difficult. The female usually acts aggressively and the male will give out calls when approaching her and blocking her way if she tries to get away.

When ready to mate the female curls her tail and gets into a stiff stance during the half-hour copulation. Breeding pairs stay together for up to 20 days before they part their separate ways. White Rhinos’ gestation period is 16 month.

Pictures and Video by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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