Art Project Thanda 2016


Thanda Safari is hosting 20 artists from around the world for a week long first-of-its-kind art project called Art Project Thanda 2016. Invited by Thanda’s owners Dan and Christin Olofsson, and founders of Star for Life, an awareness, education and AIDS prevention programme for school children, the international group of artists will create work inspired by their safari surrounds and the people they meet. Their work will go on to benefit Star for Life’s educational programme, raising funds through a unique exhibition and auction that will be held at Stockholm’s Auktionsverk in Autumn 2017.

A large shipment of donated art material has been sent out from Sweden to South Africa to ensure Artists each have the equipment and supplies they need for their works. They will have the opportunity to explore the reserve to learn about its wildlife on safari drives and will visit the schools and children supported by Star for Life. These experiences will in turn enable them to create great work. They are not expected to finish the work in South Africa, but to continue the process while at home, in their respective studios.

Four fantastic writers, and experts on art, are also joining the group: Paloma Porraz, former Director of The San Ildefonso-museum in Mexico City, the art-historian, Leticia Lopez Orozco, UNAM-University, Mexico City, and The Director of Stockholm’s Auktionsverk, Niclas Forsman, and the author and world-president of PEN, Jennifer Clement.

A film-documentary by Jonas Hansson will be made about the Art Project Thanda whilst Christian Sperka, the resident photographer at Thanda Safari, will also be part of documenting their stay.

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