A Rough Meal


When food is plentiful and the kill is large a pride of Lions will feed without a lot of fuss. But if the carcass is small and there are many Lions it can be a rough meal. If the dominant male is present then he will demand to eat first in peace and quiet. If any other member of pride approaches there will be a lot of growling and if they come to close the huge paws and long claws will come into action.

In this sighting two Lionesses and a young male had killed a Wildebeest and were feeding when the dominant male appeared. A fight over the food broke out. After the initial confrontation the Lions were ‘sharing’ the kill, but it was a noise and violent affair.

After he finished his meal the large male got up and started walking towards a nearby waterhole for a drink. This gave the other three the opportunity to go back to ‘their’ kill!

What a sighting!

Defending ‘their’ kill …

Keep and eye on him …

Let’s leave them alone …

Off to the water …

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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