Hold them by the tail!

Bheki Ngubane, one of Thanda Safari’s experienced trackers, often shows our guests a scorpion during the morning drink stop. As everyone enjoy their coffee, tea or hot chocolate Bheki has a look around the area for a scorpion resting under a stone. He will pick it up – carefully – by the tail and bring it over for everyone to have look. Bheki and I often let these small predators sit and walk on our hands. When the ‘show and tell’ is finished Bheki replaces the eight-legged creature back in its home, under the stone!

PS: Please do not try this at home! Some scorpions are very venomous and one needs to know with which ones one can perform this show safely šŸ™‚

Text and Pictures by Christian Sperka ā€“ Resident Wildlife Photographer ā€“ Thanda Safari

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